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Planned Tutorials

Post by jacek »

This post will contain a list of tutorials I plan to make at some point. If this is the last sentence in this post, it means you need to suggest some !

NOTE: These are not in any particular order, I generally pick one at random from the list.

PHP Tutorials
  • How to use AJAX properly
  • PDF creation
  • Custom MVC Framework
  • Basic shopping cart (payment via paypal)
  • Sending messages to a Minecraft server (also requires a Bukkit plugin)
  • Getting playlists / videos from the YouTube API (needs updating for the new API)
  • Something with sockets.
  • Admin area (for the blog)
  • Friend system and profile commenting system
  • Language selection
  • BBCode
  • Proxy Site
  • Comment system with replies, like reddit.

JavaScript Tutorials
  • Form validation.

Bukkit Tutorials
  • How to make thing happen when a player right clicks with a specific item
  • How to MySQL :P

Linux Server Tutorials
  • Basics (how to use SSH etc)
  • Setting up a web server (including DNS and php etc)
  • Setting up a mail server

  • CMS (Including user management)