Planned Tutorials CMs

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Planned Tutorials CMs

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hi jacek, I was just going to ask you for a tutorial on creating a cms but then I noticed in "Planned Tutorials" this: Projects CMS (Including user management). So I'd like to ask you apart from the user management the cms you are going to create will be "complete", like creating, editing, deleting, publishing or not pages etc etc or the CMs will be just a site with fixed pages and updating the content on some of them? What I mean is for example a site of 5 pages (index, about, products, news and contact) where the admin can update products and news for example(like add news, add products, editing or deleting products etc). Don't want to dizzy you but are you planning to release this soon or we are going to expect some other stuff first? just asking cause I'm having an exercise for my college soon and I think this will help me a lot :roll:
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Re: Planned Tutorials CMs

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Hi :)

The plan for that is for it to be a kind of ongoing thing instead of it all being uploaded in one go. the actual plan was to have it run along side the basics videos but I accidentally did all of those first ;)

But yes, it will be a full on workable system that you can actually use, and no it will not be any time soon :(
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