Want to complain about something in one of the videos, this is the place.
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Why can't we download the scripts (for free)? It's very irritating to copy each line of code during the tutorials.

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Re: Download

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Because you wont learn anything if you don't watch and type yourself.
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Re: Download

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peterr wrote:It's very irritating to copy each line of code during the tutorials.

I bet it is.

I get this question a lot so let me try and explain it.

If you just want somethign to use on your site, the best place to go is a site like Generally the code from my videos is not suitable for use on a live site, I try to make sure it is secure but I often eave things out in the interest of simplicity or time (I mention this in the videos). The idea is for people to watch the videos and (hopefully) take the theories behind what ever I am making away so that they can be applied to their own projects. A lot of people like to code-along for practice too which should help with the understanding. If I had the time I would provide some free downloads (not the code from the videos though) on my downloads page, somethign I have been meaning to do for a long time now.

To sum up. If you just want something to work, why are you watching a tutorial on how to make it and not just buying a script or something ?
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