Faceebook share - format news

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Faceebook share - format news

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how to format html stucture of news to share on facebok wall and show it with content

for examle, i know that title tag must have this
[syntax=xhtml]<title><?php echo "news_title"; ?></title>[/syntax]

if i want to share my news to facebook with corect title of the news.

But i do not khow how tu show content of the news an facebook in description of the link an wall of the facebook

You can try to pick this news, for example
http://www.sportskevesti.co/index.php?o ... t_id=24879

and before click post an face book, you will see the problem (i do need this for commercial, becose webpage is for serbian language)

Try and after delete the post

help ?
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Re: Faceebook share - format news

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I don't see the problem at all :?

[syntax=xhtml]<title><?php echo "news_title"; ?></title>[/syntax]
can just be

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