Frameworks!! (?)

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Frameworks!! (?)

Post by Temor »

I'm curious what frameworks you guys ( those of you that are still here :) ) use, if any.

Do you use any fancy schmancy libraries or such things?
Are you utilizing VM's?
Are you doing version control? Git or Mercurial?
What does your usual development setup look like?

Just trying to get some discussion going so let me know what you use and why :)

I myself am really a bit of a novice when it comes to frameworks. I've tried a few but didn't like em, like cakePHP and Codeigniter.

Right now I'm really getting into Laravel. I really like how easy it is to use all the different tools and packages that are available, and how mobile my setup gets.
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Re: Frameworks!! (?)

Post by Ecaz »

Slim is basically the only one I've ever used.

Trying to get into Laravel but I don't like Artisan and all the magic.
It's much harder for me to use the console and let the framework do all the things than to manually code all the things myself.
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Re: Frameworks!! (?)

Post by EcazS »

Same as above.

wooh back in the old account
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Re: Frameworks!! (?)

Post by killfrog47 »

I use a lot of different things at work. Mostly different CMS's which all have their own framework. My favorite is Laravel but I dont do a lot of back end stuff these days. Iv been mostly doing front end. For that I use ReactJS,, Git, Node.js, Grunt and Gulp (really amazing tool).
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Re: Frameworks!! (?)

Post by jacek »

I've always been a little hesitant to build something in a framework, I'm not really sure why though - I always imagine doing loads of work on a project then coming up to some limitation of the framework being used and basically having to start again. Plus I never really see the benefit, it's not that much faster.

I've used tonnes of libraries though, my favourites are probably PHPMailer, moment and numeral. The first one is PHP and the others are JavaScript.

I don't use VMs for anything personally but all of the servers we have at work are virtual and sit on one monster server. The flexibility is really handy since we need to keep everything separate but for my own projects I just throw everything on my dedicated :P
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