Progress Bar html / java

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Progress Bar html / java

Post by kean77 »

Please help me - im new to this!!

I have created a nice webpage in HTML5 and CSS3 - now i want to make a progress bar that appears before the page loads / opens.

So when people enter my URL, a progress bar starts until all content of the page is loaded and then the page this possible?

I've watched 100s tutorial, but they teach me to create the progress bar in javascript and test it, but i really don't know how to implement it into my html so i get what i want?

So please, help...

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Re: Progress Bar html / java

Post by Helx »

Hi there,

I've found a little jQuery script on Google.
Read the entire page if you have idea how to use it :)

If you have any trouble, just let me know and I'm sure I or somebody else could help you with implementation or setup.
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