let make this official

Just registered and want to say hello ? Use this forum.
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let make this official

Post by wuxmedia »

hey everybody, it's wux, :o
thanks again for all your help. and hello.
very new to php - this looks like a nice friendly place to get started :D
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Re: let make this official

Post by Helx »


Welcome to BetterPHP, the place where most people delete their posts after posting it because they realise what they did wrong after putting it in writing!

XD joking, but seriously, welcome to BetterPHP.

I learnt most of somewhat I do today from these forums (and video tutorials by Jacek).

But yes, you're right. This is a good place to get started.

Hope you enjoy your time.
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Re: let make this official

Post by jacek »

It's very friendly :D Also hello.
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Re: let make this official

Post by Nosnibor35 »

Hi all,

Just wanted to basically say the same. Just started with PHP, I use JavaScript in my job but I'm using php in my personal endeavours, really enjoying the tutorials and learning TONS, please keep up the good work Jacek ;)

Hope to communicate with some of you soon.

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