Basic shopping cart

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Basic shopping cart

Post by robg1981 »


I was wondering if you could do a tutorial for a basic php shopping cart/checkout using paypal.

Ive seen a few around the net but they are all written and its easier to learn through video which you do :)

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Re: Basic shopping cart

Post by jacek »

This is already planned, not on the list for some reason though. I'll add it now :)
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Re: Basic shopping cart

Post by Lykos22 »

Hey Jacek, i 'd like to ask you a favor.

Could you pleeeease bring the shopping cart tutorial on your "high priorities" tutorials and make it :roll: as soon as you can? Could you also use both php and ajax-javascript? Not only to learn both php and javascript more quickly and effectively, but also understand and the workflow.

I have to agree with robg1981 there are a some around the net, but most of them are articles and its easier to learn through video.
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